Reduce Tee Ansi B16.9 A234 Wpb For Pipe Connection

Tee is a type of pipe fitting,it is T-shaped with two outlets,the two outlets are 90° direction change to the main line.It is widely used as pipe fittings to connect pipelines with a pipe at a right angle,and are extensively used in pipeline networks to transport two-phase fluid mixtures. We mainly produce equal tee according to:ASME,ANSI,API,EN,BS,DIN,JIS,KS,GOST standards etc.

Product Details

A Reducing Tee is also called unequal tee,which means the tee branch pipe diameter is not same with the run pipe of the tee.Commonly, in a reducing tee,the branch pipe diameter is smaller than the running pipe.But there are also some project the branch pipe diameter of the tee is bigger than the run pipe,it means the branch is the inlet of the flow .

Regarding the butt welding steel tees,it should be described the two different diameters to show it completely,for example,4X3tees.In the pipe fitting application,the reducing tee is used when considering size reduction from one of the run ports to the other.For different industry projects,the reducing tees are available in many various combinations of sizes and configurations in a piping system.

A straight tee means a tee of pipe fitting which the branch outlet has a 90 degree direction turning from the main pipe of the tee.Commonly people consider the straight tee as the equal tee,it is a mistake.Equal tee means a same sizes of the branch and main pipe of a tee.Straight tee means it has a side port at right angle to the run.  

Standard: ASME/ANSI B16.9,MSS-SP-75,DIN 2615,EN 10253-2,JIS B2311,GOST 1737

Material:ASTM A234,ASTM 403,DIN 17175,EN10228 Carbon steel,stainless steel,alloy steel.

Size: 1/2-96. DN15-DN2400

Connect method: Butt welding.

Type: Seamless: DN15-DN600,

Welded: DN15-DN1800


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