JIS B2311 ELBOW 90E(L) 300A XS

A pipe elbow is one kind of pipe fittings which can change the liquid or gas flowing direction in a piping system. It is mainly used to connect two pipes,sometimes called a “quarter bend”.

Product Details

        Steel pipe elbow is an important parts in plumbing pipeline systems and used to change the fluid directions. It ranges in different types as per body material there are stainless steel elbow, carbon steel elbow, and alloy steel; As per fluid directions there are 45 degree , 90 degree elbow and 180 degree; As per elbow length and radius there are short radius elbow (SR elbow) and long radius elbow (LR elbow); As per connections types there are butt weld elbow, socket weld elbow and threaded steel piping elbow.

        If you are always confused about elbow descriptions, like what is butt weld elbow? what is SW elbow? What does LR, SR means? Then you need to read below and we will explain specifications and applications for each type elbow, you will find out what exactly is your need before your purchase.

Steel Elbow Applications and Types

       In simple terms, steel pipe elbow is a type of pipe fitting connected between two pipes. The main purpose is to change the course of direction. As we know, steel elbow can be classified into different degrees, normally is 45 degree steel pipe elbow, 90 degree steel pipe elbow and 180 degree steel pipe elbow. Other degree like 60° or 120° also used in pipeline systems in case special requirements.

90 Degree Steel Pipe Elbow is the most used type

      90 degree steel pipe elbow is to change fluid direction by 90 degree, also called the vertical elbow, it is the most used type in all the pipeline systems, since it is easy to compatible with the steel construction and structural.

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