Hot Sale ASME B 16.25 Butt Welding Carbon Steel Con/ecc Reducer

Reducer is a kind of fitting that be used for reducing piping size. There are 2 types reducer as follows: a. Concentric reducer: have a central axis (centerline) of the section between the large and small.

Product Details

Concentric Reducers are used to join pipe or tube sections on the same axis. They provide an in-line conical transition between pressurized pipes of differing diameters. A pipe reducer can be a single diameter change or a multiple diameter change. The pipes cannot recognize what the outside configuration of the pipe reducer looks like.

     Concentric reducers are designed with the small and large diameters on opposite ends and joined by a cone shaped transition section. They are available in both seamless and welded construction.

     The pipe flow is affected by the inside diameter conical transition configuration which can be axially moved and externally reconfigured to provide for more economical reducer fittings. Thus, concentric reducers connect pipes of unequal size but have a common centerline. In other words, it is a type of pipe fitting with different size ends to join pipes of different diameter that joins pipe sections on the same axis.

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