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Whether The Stainless Steel Elbow Can Be Repaired

Apr 25, 2018

If you really need to repair it again, you can go to the stainless steel elbow factory to repair it. Please fill the hole with the "argon arc" method, and then ask them to grind out the unequal parts of the pot (if there is unequal words).

The leaky stainless steel elbow is not worth repairing.

1, the edge connection (aluminum pot replacement method) can not, stainless steel is too hard, manual can not operate at all;

2, riveting can not, it is difficult to see, and will leak water; 3 welding can not, the pot wall is very thin, can not withstand welding, even "high technology" welding, deformation will be very serious, the bottom of the pot is uneven, at all can not be used.