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What To Do For Carbon Steel Flanges Easily To Rust

Apr 23, 2020

        We all know that the disadvantages of carbon steel flange compared with stainless steel is easy to rust. And in order to make carbon steel products less prone to rust, what will be done?

First of all, it depends on long-term rust prevention or short-term demand.

If it is necessary to prevent rust for a long time, it is generally to do surface treatment.

Of course, the best method is hot galvanizing. Immerse the derusted steel flanges into the molten zinc at 500 ℃ to make the steel surface adhere to the zinc layer. Indeed, the price of this treatment is relatively high.

         The cost is not so high, such as chrome, nickel, zinc and so on. Among them, galvanizing is a more conventional and frequently used surface treatment. It should be noted that the galvanizing here refers to the cold galvanizing (i.e. electro galvanizing), which is different from the hot galvanizing on the top. It is thinner than the hot galvanizing in thickness, and its corrosion resistance is also worse.

If long-term rust prevention is not required, then use anti coating.

        This temporary anti – rust is generally used in anti-rust oil or anti-rust fluid. Among them the antirust oil antirust time is longer than the latter, but antirust fluid to do the word of spray need not clean, can be sprayed directly.