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What Should I Pay Attention To Using Stainless Steel Flanges

Sep 29, 2017

1, corrosion of stainless steel as far as possible to avoid

Stainless steel flanges need to keep the surface clean. If corrosion is found, the surface of the stainless steel will be changed without a smooth surface. So avoid things near the corrosive stainless steel.

2, to maintain the use of stainless steel flanges in the drying electrode

Low hydrogen type A after drying at 200-250 Deg. C for 1 hours (not repeated drying, or medicine skin easy cracking), titanium calcium by drying at 150 deg.c for 1 hours, and prevent the covering of viscous oil and other dirt, lest cause the increase of carbon content and the influence of welding seam welding quality.

3, choose the stainless steel flange, but also choose good gasket collocation

It is complementary to the gasket and is resistant to acids, both liquid and gas, and can be well absorbed without affecting the use of the product.