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What Is The Material Of A105

Apr 24, 2020

       According to ASTM standard,ASTM A105 is the material of carbon steel forgings for piping applications.It is the most widely used carbon steel material in ASME and ANSI standard for piping products.

Chemical composition of ASTM A105 steel:

Element Composition,%

Carbon, max 0.35

Manganese 0.60-1.05

Phosphorus, max 0.035

Sulphur, max 0.04

Silicon 0.10-0.35

Copper, max 0.4

Nickel, max 0.4

Chromium, max 0.3

Molybdenum, max 0.12

Vanadium, max 0.08

Mechanical properties of ASTM A105:

Tensile Strength, min:70,000 psi (485 MPa)

Min. Yield Point:36,000 psi (250 MPa)

Reduction of area, min:30% min

Hardness, HB, max 187

Heat Treatment of ASTM A105 steel:

        When required,the ASTM A105 material can do the heat treatment accordingly,such as annealing,normalizing or normalizing and tempering or quenching and tempering.It will bring different mechanical properties to the steel.