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What Is The Application Area Of The Blind Flange

Apr 23, 2020

         Blind flanges are used to seal the end of piping systems or pressure vessel openings.They are commonly used for testing the flow of gas or liquid through a pipe or vessel.Blind flanges also allow for easy access to the pipe in case work must be done inside the line.They are oftentimes used for high pressure applications.

There are the application area of blind flange:

1. In the original driving preparation stage, in the case of the strength test or the tightness test of the pipeline, it is not possible to carry out the equipment in parallel with the connected equipment (such as turbine, compressor, gasifier, reactor, etc.). A blind plate is placed at the junction with the pipe.

2. Various process material pipes connected to the boundary area outside the boundary area. When the device is parked, if the pipe is still in operation, a blind plate is placed at the shut-off valve.

3. When the device is in multiple series, the total pipeline from the boundary area is divided into several series, and the manifold is placed at the shut-off valve of each branch.

4. When the device is to be regularly repaired, inspected or switched to each other, when the equipment involved needs to be completely isolated, a blind plate is placed at the shut-off valve.

5. When the process pipeline of the pressurized pipeline or the replacement gas pipeline (such as nitrogen pipeline and compressed air pipeline) is connected with the equipment, the seesaw is installed at the shut-off valve.

6. The low point of equipment and pipelines is drained. If the process medium needs to be concentrated to a unified collection system, a blind plate is set after the valve is shut off.

7. The exhaust pipe, drain pipe and sampling pipe of equipment and pipeline should be provided with blind plate or wire plug after the valve. Except for non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-explosive materials.

8. When the device is built in stages, the interconnected pipes are provided with a seesaw at the cut-off valve for subsequent construction.

9. When the device is in normal production, some auxiliary pipes that need to be completely cut off should generally be provided with blind plates.

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