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What Are The Forming Processes Of The Tube

Jan 17, 2018

A tube (a small head) is a pipe used for pipe diameter. The commonly used forming processes are shrinkage pressing, enlarging diameter pressing or reducing diameter and enlarging diameter, and some specifications of the tube can also be stamped.

1. Shrinkage forming

It is the necking forming process of tube with different diameter pipe diameter main equal in forming model, by pressing the tube billet along the axial direction of the metal mould cavity movement along the contraction and forming. According to the size of the diameter of the tube, it can be divided into one pressing forming or multiple pressing forming.

2, enlargement forming

It is the use of different pipe diameter is less than the diameter of the main pipe, tube diameter within the die along with expanding. The expanding technology mainly solves the problem that the diameter reducer with larger diameter is not easy to shrink through the forming of the diameter. Sometimes, according to the forming needs of materials and products, the method of enlarging diameter and reducing diameter is combined.