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The Punching Method And Drawing Method Of The Stainless Steel Elbow

Jan 12, 2018

Stainless steel elbow by hot drawing and punching elbow has the advantages in technology and economy comparison in the conventional pipe bending machine has the following advantages of manufacturing bending punching and drawing elbow manufacturing methods: can make the curvature radius equal to D and 1.5D elbow, which is the other elbow method impracticable; elbow in any section are maintained the right circle and wall thickness can be obtained; possibility required rotation in any direction within. The workers who carry out or pull the bending head are lower in the technical level required to make the elbow on the common pipe bending machine.


Heat punching method and control method has the following points: a manufacturing process can produce the minimum labor; elbow with straight section and the wall is thicker; low reject rate (rupture, creases etc.). Based on the comparison of the above data and the demonstration of production practice, it is fully illustrated that the stainless steel elbow punching method and the drawing method for making seamless elbow is a relatively complete method at present.