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The Principle And Application Of Stainless Steel High Pressure Elbow

May 11, 2018

A stainless steel high pressure elbow is made by welding a polygonal ring shell with a polygon or a closed multi prismatic shell at both ends. After the internal pressure is filled with pressure medium, the internal pressure is applied, and the cross section is gradually turned from a polygon to a circle and eventually becomes a circular ring shell. A circular ring shell can be cut to 4 according to the need. 90 elbow or 6 high pressure elbow or other high pressure elbow. This process is suitable for making the large elbow with diameter of the high pressure elbow of stainless steel and the inner diameter ratio of the stamping elbow more than 1.5. It is an ideal method to make the large national standard elbow at present.

Stainless steel high pressure elbow is suitable for pipeline system in oil, natural gas, chemical, hydropower, construction and boiler industries. Without raw material, it can save pipe equipment and die costs, and can get any large diameter and relatively thin wall thickness of the national standard elbow. Because of the above two reasons, the manufacturing cycle can be shortened and the production cost can be greatly reduced. No special equipment is needed, especially suitable for field processing of large national standard elbow. The blank is a flat or developable surface, so the material is simple, the precision is easy to be guaranteed, and the assembly and welding is convenient.

The stainless steel high pressure elbow not only has good compression resistance, but also needs other excellent characteristics in different piping systems. For example, in the concrete pipeline, the high pressure elbow in the slurry pipeline is not only able to bear higher pipe pressure, but also has good wear resistance. Besides, the high pressure elbow in chemical raw material delivery pipeline system has excellent corrosion resistance and acid and alkali resistance besides high pipeline pressure.