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The Material Of Stainless Elbow

Apr 28, 2020

        Different pipe elbows have different materials. The main difference between the stainless steel elbow and the carbon steel elbow is that the chemical composition of the stainless steel elbow will keep the elbow surface from rusting for a long time and will not corrode easily. Stainless steel elbow material is to maintain elbow, will not produce quality problems, ensure the service life of elbow, guarantee elbow can play an important role in use. Stainless steel has different types, and different types of stainless steel contain different components, and their properties are different.

Stainless steel

        Steel with stainless steel, corrosion resistance, chromium content of at least 10.5%, and carbon content of no more than 1.2%.

Austenitic stainless steel

        The matrix is mainly the austenite structure (gamma phase) of the face centered cubic structure, without magnetism, which is mainly strengthened by cold working (and may lead to a certain magnetic) stainless steel.

AUSTENITIC FERRITIC (duplex) stainless steel

        The matrix of both austenite and ferrite two-phase structure (including content is less than 15% of the general), magnetic, can through the cold strengthens the stainless steel.

Ferritic stainless steel

        The matrix is based on ferrite structure (alpha phase) in the body centered cubic crystal structure, and has magnetic properties which are generally not hardened by heat treatment but can be slightly hardened by cold working.

Martensitic stainless steel

         The matrix is a martensitic structure with magnetic properties, and the mechanical properties of the stainless steel can be adjusted by heat treatment.

Precipitation hardened stainless steel

         The matrix is made of austenite or martensite and can be treated by precipitation hardening (also known as age hardening) to make it hard (strong) stainless steel.

The above is about the different properties and different matrix of stainless steel, stainless steel with different properties and uses and value in use, in use and making elbow to choose different material of stainless steel production and production, to ensure the production of stainless steel elbow with good product performance and use.