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The Introduction Of Large Diameter Flange

Apr 26, 2020

         The manufacture of large flange is commonly used in the manufacture of  steel plate cutting (cold bending or rolling ring rolling to make the flange  blank, and then through the large vertical lathe for machining. The production  equipment of the steel plate cutting method is the most simple (investment is  small, and the material utilization rate is low. Cold bending method is first  forging billet to billet, then forming arc, annealing to should be after heat  treatment that spelled out the whole circle in car processing to the shape and  size of the design. The material utilization rate is high, and the subsequent  machining allowance is smaller than that of the steel plate, but it is limited  by the condition of the equipment. At present, this method is used to make the  flange blank with the largest diameter of only 4m.

      The large flange gasket is a kind of circular ring which can produce  plastic deformation and has certain strength. Most of the gasket is from non  metal plate cutting down, or by professional plant according to the rules of  scale manufacturing, the data for asbestos rubber sheet, asbestos board,  polyethylene plate; also useful thin metal plate will be asbestos and other  non-metallic materials wrapped up made of metal gasket; and a used thin strip  and asbestos belt along the winding and around gaskets. Generally large flange  bearing weight is relatively large, the project is generally not easy to  deformation, the key is the thickness of the problem. Large flange in the  production side of the diameter are not the problem, the most well processed is  their thickness. Large flange a little too thin will be easy to deformation, of  course, in the production process generally does not appear in the process of  deformation, in the process of machine processing will not occur, but in the use  of risk. Because of the large flange in use process to carry the weight of the  relatively large, coupled with the pipeline and itself weight deformation is  inevitable, random in customized large flange must to take into account the  large flange thickness, if unavoidable under the specific requirements to the  product thin, then add hardness materials to avoid deformation.