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The Five Transformation Of The Development Of Chinese Manufacturing Enterprises

Dec 13, 2017

One is the transition from "manufacturer" to "system solution provider".

Since China's entry into the WTO, the concepts and facts of "made in China", "Chinese creation" and even "China's intellectual creation" have been reported by various media. However, in comparison, we find that people are competing with us when they compete with foreigners. What is a technology monopoly? Not the product itself, but a supporting system. It's like a suit, a software, and everything is there. If we promote the system, the components will be easily promoted. This is the technological revolution. Today, those multinationals are listed on the system solution. That's the application of information technology to the traditional industries and new industrialization. This is the problem of R & D strategy in technology - the transition from simple product manufacturers to system solution providers.

The two is the transformation from "traditional industry" to "energy conservation and environmental protection industry".

Because of the natural disasters brought by environmental pollution, the earth is bound to develop new energy sources. Almost all the energy except solar energy comes from solar energy. Solar energy is inexhaustible. 1% of the whole earth is loaded with solar panels, which solves all the electricity problems. It's a must and cleanest and the most environmentally friendly.

Three is the transformation from "selling products" to "selling service".

It is to implement the "go out" strategy and carry out the "turnkey" total package project. China has contracted dozens of transformation projects for power plants, substations and power grids in Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and even Europe, and has led the sale of complete sets of equipment. This indicates that we have established a network marketing system that covers the whole world, innovating the "M2B" marketing mode in the industry, and are actively exploring the transformation from selling products to selling services.

The four is the transformation from "enterprise management" to "business enterprise".

From the family workshop style "of the" burn the city "tiger stove" and later burned to a foreign market. The water temperature is still good and the fire is strong. The five transition is just to make us grow up better and faster.

The five is the transition from the spontaneous management of the enterprise to the scientific management.

Although the private enterprise development through reform and opening up the catalytic growth, but it is still in the long-term stage formative and summative simple, spontaneous management level. With the gradual expansion of business scale from scale expansion to operation management level, the lag of management level has become a bottleneck that hinders the further development of enterprises. Therefore, private enterprises must transform from simple, spontaneous management to scientific management. We should apply the ideas, principles, methods and technologies of scientific 

management to the practice of enterprise management, and comprehensively enhance the management level of enterprises.