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Stainless Steel Flange Strong Sealing Property, Tensile Resistance And Flexural Resistance

Oct 20, 2017

Stainless steel flange generally has a strong sealing, tensile resistance, bending resistance, compression resistance and so on, according to a variety of properties, stainless steel flange can be divided into socket welding flange, loose sleeve flange, butt welding steel flange, integral flange, flat welding steel flange, each kind of stainless steel flange has its own product parameters, here in detail and share with you.

① socket Welding Stainless steel flange: Commonly used in pn≤10.0MPA, dn≤40 Pipe;

② loose sleeve stainless steel Flange: Loose sleeve flange commonly known as live sets, separate welding ring looper flange, flanging looper flange and Butt welding looper flanges. Often used for medium temperature and pressure are not high and the corrosive medium of the situation. When the dielectric is more corrosive, the flange contact medium part (flanging short section) is corrosion-resistant high-grade material such as stainless steel and other materials, Externally, the lower material such as carbon steel material flange ring clamping it to achieve seal;

③ Butt welding Steel stainless steel flange: With Uffalan and pipe counterpart welding, its reasonable structure, strength and steel, withstand high temperature and high pressure and repeated bending and temperature fluctuations, sealing reliable. Nominal pressure of 0.25-2.5MPA Butt Welding Flange adopts concave and convex sealing surface.

④ Integral stainless steel Flange: Often is the flange and equipment, pipes, valves, etc. made into one, this type of equipment and valves commonly used.

⑤ Flat welding Steel stainless steel Flange: Suitable for nominal pressure not exceeding 2.5MPA carbon steel pipe connection. The sealing surface of the flat welding flange can be made into a smooth type, a concave-convex type and a tenon groove type three. The application of the smooth welding flange is the largest, which is used in the condition of the medium condition, such as low pressure non purifying compressed air, low pressure circulating water The advantage of it is that the price is relatively cheap.

In addition, stainless steel flange installation process must be professional, usually the first joint positioning, installation of seal ring, seal sleeve inside and the cone hole. Install the card sleeve, the inside of the card sleeve and the cone contact parts coated with grease for easy installation. Installation of bolts and spherical nuts, the need to apply grease in the spherical and threaded to install, and so on, finally after the installation of the end of the two joints with the sealing ring of the tendons should be close contact can not have clearance.