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Stainless Steel Flange One Of The Highest Strength Materials In Metal Materials

Jun 30, 2017

Stainless Steel Flange is a disc-shaped parts, the most common in pipeline engineering, Stainless Steel Flanges are used in pairs. In the pipeline project, the Stainless Steel Flange is mainly used for pipe connection. In the need to connect the pipeline, a variety of installation of a Stainless Steel Flange, low pressure pipe can use the wire Stainless Steel Flange, 4 kg above the pressure of the use of welding Stainless Steel Flange. Add a gasket between the two Stainless Steel Flanges and tighten it with bolts. Different pressure Stainless Steel Flanges have different thicknesses and use different bolts.

 Pumps and valves that are connected to the pipe when the parts of these equipment are also made of corresponding Stainless Steel Flange shapes, also known as Stainless Steel Flange connections. Any connection parts that are bolted at the same time in two planes are also referred to as "Stainless Steel Flanges", such as the connection of ventilation ducts, which may be referred to as "Stainless Steel Flanged parts". But this connection is only a part of the equipment, such as the connection of the Stainless Steel Flange and the pump, it is not good to the pump called "Stainless Steel Flange parts." Relatively small, such as valves, etc., can be called "Stainless Steel Flange parts".

Stainless steel Stainless Steel Flanges do not produce corrosion, pitting, rust, easy to wear. Stainless steel is one of the most powerful materials in building metal materials. Because stainless steel has good corrosion resistance, it allows the structural parts to permanently maintain the integrity of the engineering design. Chromium-containing stainless steel stamping Stainless Steel Flange also set the mechanical strength and high elongation in one, easy parts of the manufacturing, to meet the needs of architects and structural designers. All the metal and the atmosphere will be the reaction of oxygen, the formation of oxide film on the surface.

Stainless steel Stainless Steel Flanges and other steel welded pipe fittings, forged pipe fittings and steel Stainless Steel Flange sales, the main products are used carbon steel, austenitic stainless steel and alloy steel and other domestic and foreign high-quality pipe Stainless Steel Flange, elbow, tee (Diameter), elbow, tube cap, forged socket welding and threaded fittings. The products are used in the United States standard ASME (ANSI), the German standard DIN, the Japanese standard JIS, China GB / T, JB, SH, HG and other standards, but also according to customer requirements special difficult, non-standard, Series of stainless steel pipe fittings, stainless steel Stainless Steel Flanges and other pipe fittings.

1, in order to prevent the heating caused by the Stainless Steel Flange cover between the eye corrosion, welding current should not be too much, less than about 20% of carbon steel electrode, arc should not be too long, cold between the layers, narrow bead is appropriate. 2, the electrode should be used to dry, titanium calcium type should be dried at 150 ℃ for 1 hour, low a hydrogen type should be 200-250 ℃ drying 1 hour (can not be repeated drying, otherwise the skin is easy to crack off) Welding paste oil and other dirt, so as not to cause the weld to increase the carbon content and affect the quality of welding. 3, stainless steel Stainless Steel Flange pipe welding, by repeated heating precipitation of carbides, reducing corrosion resistance and mechanical properties. 4, chrome stainless steel Stainless Steel Flange fittings after welding hardening American standard Stainless Steel Flange larger, prone to crack. If the same type of chromium stainless steel electrode (G202, G207) welding, must be more than 300 ℃ preheating and 700 ℃ after the slow cooling treatment. If the weldment can not be post-weld heat treatment, should use stainless steel Stainless Steel Flange fittings electrode (A107, A207). 5, stainless steel Stainless Steel Flange, in order to improve the corrosion resistance and weldability and the appropriate increase in the amount of stability elements Ti, Nb, Mo, etc., welding better than chromium stainless steel Stainless Steel Flange better. When using the same type of chromium stainless steel Stainless Steel Flange electrode (G302, G307), should be more than 200 ℃ preheat and 800 ℃ after tempering around the tempering treatment. If the weldment can not be heat treated, you should use stainless steel Stainless Steel Flange fittings (A107, A207). 6, stainless steel Stainless Steel Flange fittings, butt welding Stainless Steel Flange has good corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, widely used in chemical, fertilizer, oil, medical machinery manufacturing.