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Stainless Steel Flange Has A Strong Corrosion Resistance

Sep 30, 2017

Stainless Steel Flange is a disc-shaped parts, the most common in pipeline engineering, Stainless Steel Flanges are used in pairs. In the pipeline project, the Stainless Steel Flange is mainly used for pipe connection. In the need to connect the pipeline, a variety of installation of a Stainless Steel Flange, low-pressure pipe can use the wire Stainless Steel Flange, 4 kg above the pressure of the use of welding Stainless Steel Flange. Add a gasket between the two Stainless Steel Flanges and tighten it with bolts. Different pressure Stainless Steel Flanges have different thickness and use different bolts.

Pumps and valves that are connected to the pipe when the parts of these equipment are also made of corresponding Stainless Steel Flange shapes, also known as Stainless Steel Flange connections. Any type of connecting parts that are closed at the same time using two bolts at the same time are generally referred to as "Stainless Steel Flanges", such as ventilation ducts, which can be called "Stainless Steel Flanged parts". But this connection is only a part of the equipment, such as the connection of the Stainless Steel Flange and the pump, it is not good to the pump called "Stainless Steel Flange parts." Relatively small, such as valves, etc., can be called "Stainless Steel Flange parts."

Stainless Steel Flange application of flat welding steel Stainless Steel Flange: for the nominal pressure of not more than 2.5Mpa carbon steel pipe connection. Flat welding Stainless Steel Flange sealing surface can be made of smooth, concave and convex and tongue and groove three. Qingtian special smooth flat welding Stainless Steel Flange of the largest application, more used for medium conditions more moderate circumstances, such as low-pressure non-purified compressed air, low pressure circulating water, it has the advantage of cheaper prices. Butt welded steel Stainless Steel Flange: for the Stainless Steel Flange and the pipe of the opposite welding, its reasonable structure, strength and steel, can withstand high temperature and pressure and repeated bending and temperature fluctuations, sealing and reliable. Nominal pressure of 0.25-2.5Mpa of the welding Stainless Steel Flange with concave and convex sealing surface. Nylon ribs socket welding Stainless Steel Flange: commonly used in PN ≤10.0Mpa, DN ≤ 40 in the pipeline; loose sets of Stainless Steel Flanges: loose Stainless Steel Flange commonly known as live sets of Stainless Steel Flanges, sub-ring live sets of Stainless Steel Flanges, flanging sets Stainless Steel Flange and butt welds.

Stainless steel Stainless Steel Flanges have good metal properties and are highly resistant to corrosion. They are often used in steel structures, such as stainless steel Stainless Steel Flanges, etc. Stainless steel Stainless Steel Flanges have also become rust-resistant steel Stainless Steel Flanges, and their metal surfaces are smooth , Easy to oxidize with the air, it is often used in high pressure pipes and engage in corrosion of the pressure pipe, and here we share the excellent performance of stainless steel Stainless Steel Flanges.

First, as a metal material in a humid environment will react with the air, thereby changing the original metal properties, but the stainless steel Stainless Steel Flange can be used with the oxidant passivation in the surface to form a layer of tough and dense chromium oxide protective film Cr2O3, stainless steel Stainless Steel Flanges effectively prevent the further occurrence of oxidation. The other metal pipe, such as galvanized water pipes, brass passivation capacity is very small, which is galvanized copper tube corrosion resistance is far less than the key reason for stainless steel pipe.

And then stainless steel Stainless Steel Flange corrosion resistance performance, stainless steel Stainless Steel Flange will not be as carbon steel as a uniform corrosion, the use of no need to protect the coating; stainless steel Stainless Steel Flange stainless steel Stainless Steel Flanges, the chemical composition of water is not limited, because the stainless steel in the Stainless steel water pipes can withstand high flow rates, even if the flow rate is greater than 40 m / s, still maintain a very low corrosion rate, no more than 0.003 mm / h, Year, especially for high-rise water supply. Stainless steel Stainless Steel Flange tube thermal expansion coefficient and copper tube is almost 1.5 times that of ordinary steel, stainless steel Stainless Steel Flange compared to stainless steel Stainless Steel Flange fittings with thermal expansion and contraction slow characteristics.

 In addition, the stainless steel Stainless Steel Flange generally chemical reactions are holistic, will form a protective film on its surface, which is other metal can not do.