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Simple Analysis Of Flange Industry

Apr 10, 2020

      With the development of flange industry, more and more new flanges have been become available. Also, flange has been applied to wider industry areas, such as the petrochemical industry, oil refining industry, nuclear power industry, thermal power industry and so on. Bigger industrial applications mean more new requirements on flange quality and technology. And the following is the flange prospect in various industries.

 1. Petrochemical industry: there have always been intense competition and stringent requirements in this industry. Flange in the future will be coordinated with industrial automation to increase the overall level of flange equipment and to develop petrochemical flange equipment with multi-function, high efficiency and low consumption. Annual output value of China's petrochemical enterprises is in billions every year, which shows that China has a great flange market. Therefore, we should go from the viewpoint of market changes to ensure steady development. 

2. Oil industry: with a series of policy measures, the output and production of China's oil refining industry continued to grow and structural adjustment gradually push forward. All these things maintained a good momentum of development and we can see there is a huge market space for flange application in China's oil refining industry.

3. Nuclear power industry: as the nuclear power infrastructure equipment, carbon steel flange, stainless steel flange, threaded flange, carbon steel elbow, stainless steel elbow and stainless steel tee occupy part of proportion in this industry. So, they need to continually introduce new products and equipment in this area to meet market demand. 

      In addition, the construction industry and other special industries also have a huge demand for flange. The application of flange is very extensive, which fully shows the rapid development and good prospect of flange industry.