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Production Process Of Butt Welding Flange

Dec 06, 2017

Forging, casting, in a system

Flat welding flange

The joint method is single side welding, and the double sided nut is connected.

The features of the products are beautiful, smooth and lubricated, acid and alkali resistant, anti corrosion and strong textured.

The production process suboxygen furnace opening material, the whole forging or the product forging press cutting molding.

The processing method is high precision CNC lathe turning, and CNC rocker drill drilling.

Commodity parameters

(2) center circle diameter of bolt hole: 50mm----2130mm

(3) the diameter of bolt hole: 11mm-30mm

(6) flange thickness: 12mm-58mm

(7) the outer diameter of the tube: A (17. 2-2032MM) B (14-2020MM)

(8) flange diameter: A (18-2036MM) B (15-2024MM)

(9) weight of flange Theory: 0.36kg--234.6kg (DN1800)