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Processing Technology Of Hot Press Elbow Of Stainless Steel

Jan 03, 2018

The processing technology of the hot press elbow of stainless steel is as follows:

Hot pressing stainless steel elbow by a hot pressing technology for manufacturing metal elbow, elbow pressing elbow by heating, compression molding, stainless steel pressing elbow manufacturing standards can be divided into standard, standard, water, electricity American Standard, German standard, Japanese standard, Russian standard, etc..


Stainless steel pressing elbow pipe is heated by the processing of professional equipment, and then cutting the heated to above the critical temperature, holding time quickly into quenching agent, the temperature suddenly reduced, bending head making method is greater than the critical cooling rate and the rapid cooling.

Hot pressing stainless steel elbow processing technology: applied to stainless steel pipe system, double card pressure pipe parts dimensional accuracy improvement, allowing pipe error increase, compatibility is stronger. The double card pressure apron is sealed in stainless steel, the durability of the apron is obviously improved, and the double seal ring is evenly extruded, so the sealing ring will not be extruded from the side to double water pressure, which will compensate for the lack of application of single card pressure.