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Process Characteristics Of Stamping Elbow

Jan 08, 2018

The stamping elbow is made from malleable iron. It is used in the connection of water supply pipe, steam pipe, gas pipe and oil pipeline. Stamping elbow color black, right angle camber, excellent quality, wear resistance, not easy to damage. The stamping elbow is 1/2-10 inch, and the products are widely used in the pipeline installation, installation and supporting services in the oil, chemical, metallurgical and electric industries.

Process characteristics of stamping elbow

The double card pressure is 1.8 times higher than the single card compression resistance, and it is more suitable for buildings with high pressure and high water pressure.

The double clamped pipe will not cut the rubber ring when inserting the pipe.

With the use of the stainless steel pipe system, the size accuracy of the double compression tube is improved, allowing the pipe material to increase the error, and the adaptability is stronger.

The double card pressure rubber ring is sealed in stainless steel material, the durability of the apron is obviously 

improved, and the double clamping ring is evenly extruded, so the sealing ring will not be extruded from the side water to make up for the shortage in the application of single card pressure.

When the pipe is bent and deformed by external force, the sealing ring will not be affected when the pipe is bent at the double compression joint. The stamping elbow pipe type card is connected with the upgrading of the technical performance, technical index and technical level.

Stamping elbow can only be small caliber, if the pipe size is too large, it is difficult to buy finished stamping elbow, only use the welding elbow. As the welding elbow welds more, all the use performance is not as good as the stamping elbow and easy to be corroded. And because the stamping elbow is produced in batch, so the price is cheaper than the welding elbow. Now there is a precision casting elbow, which can be made of 316L, and the corrosion resistance is better.