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Precautions For Installation Of Stainless Steel Pipes

Jan 05, 2018

1 the head is connected to the branch pipe, and the prefabricated stainless steel three links should be adopted. If the perforated branch pipe is needed, it should be machined by mechanical method. If you want to use plasma cutting, it should be polished and smooth afterwards.

2 the iron hammer is strictly prohibited to strike on the surface of the stainless steel; the stainless steel pipe is not directly contacted with the carbon steel bracket to prevent corrosion due to carburization and potential difference.

When the stainless steel pipe is worn through the wall or floor, the casing should be added. The gap between the casing and the pipe should not be less than 10mm, and the insulating material is filled in the gap.

3 stainless steel tube components, such as heating or welding, need to avoid or quickly cross 450 "850 C sensitive areas to prevent intergranular corrosion.

After the stainless steel pipe is welded, the slag and spatter on the surface of the weld should be removed in time. After nondestructive testing or inspection, the surface of the weld should be treated with pickling and passivation.

4 stainless steel pipes should be treated to eliminate stress after welding. Stress corrosion is caused by preventing chlorine ions or other ions in the medium.

5 pipe temperature under 0 C can not be welded, the environment temperature is lower than -20 C, even if the preheating measures can not be welded.