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Pipe Fittings Product Quality Continues To Improve

Sep 30, 2017

At present, China is already the world's largest producer and consumer of building materials. The main building materials products cement, flat glass, architectural sanitary ceramics, stone and wall materials and other production for many years ranked first in the world. At the same time, building materials, product quality continues to increase, energy and raw material consumption decreased year by year, a variety of new building materials continue to emerge, building materials products continue to upgrade. North China Pipe Fittings manufacturers are more, of which Cangzhou City, Hebei Mengcun County known as "China Pipe Fittings Fittings" is the production and sales of Chinese Pipe Fittings the main gathering place, the country has about 70% of welded Pipe Fittings fittings are produced by the region, but also China Welded Pipe Fittings export base. "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" infrastructure investment has been chess to the plate, roads, railways and other infrastructure construction investment growth and the growth of ordinary civil construction investment, so that the construction industry is in the boom upstream stage. At the same time, in the construction of energy-saving society and the country to strengthen the capacity of independent innovation in the context of energy-saving and technological innovation theme will be the development of the industry hot. Now the plastic Pipe Fittings and Pipe Fittings once again set off the Pipe Fittings boom.

Before the Pipe Fittings is put into operation, it is necessary to check whether the design meets the design requirements and meet the basic installation conditions. And then after the completion of the installation site to clean up the clean and tidy, the completion of the main structure of the acceptance. Note that the installation of the Pipe Fittingsline to be designed by a professional staff. Finally, to detect the bracket of the Pipe Fittings, the location of the reserved hole is in line with the professional standards.

The Pipe Fittings structure is reasonable, the strength of the force, but also in the fire Pipe Fittings also has a wide range of applications, Pipe Fittings fittings in the course of the main role is the pressure vessel.

 Pipe Fittings Fittings Classification

1, for the tube connected to the tube are: flange, live access, Pipe Fittings hoop, card sets, hose clamps, etc.

2, change the tube direction of the Pipe Fittings: elbow

3, to change the tube diameter Pipe Fittings fittings: variable diameter (different diameter tube), reducer elbow, Pipe Fittings support, reinforcement

4, increase the Pipe Fittings branch of the Pipe Fittings: three links, four links

5, for the Pipe Fittingsline seal of the Pipe Fittings: gasket, raw materials, linen, flange blind plate, Pipe Fittings block, blind plate

6, for Pipe Fittings fixed Pipe Fittings: clasp, drag hook, rings, brackets, brackets, Pipe Fittings cards, etc.