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Pipe Fittings Correct Use And Maintenance, Can Prolong The Service Life

Nov 01, 2017

Pipe fittings As a connecting part, although small, but in the field of pharmaceutical equipment is an indispensable part, in recent years, with the economic level and quality of life improvement, China's pipe industry has been rapid development, market demand has been increasing, the scale has been expanding. Under the background of building energy-saving society and strengthening independent innovation ability of the state, the theme of energy saving and technological innovation will be the development hotspot of the industry.

Now the society is an era of information explosion, enterprises in the product encounter competition is unavoidable, the industry exists competition, for some enterprises it is a good thing. Because of competition, enterprises improve product quality, improve service quality, consumers also use less money to obtain better or more consumption and services.

Whether it is the international market or the international market, "Rui Jin Stainless steel" are facing a green threshold, environmental issues to become China's fasteners exported to the European Union and other markets short plate, if China's pipe fittings enterprises do not try to change the status quo, will encounter more foreign technical barriers.

Throughout today's pipe industry, competition is more and more, product homogeneity is increasingly serious, only take technological innovation, product differentiation route to shape their core competitiveness breakout. Therefore, enterprises should always grasp the initiative of innovation, grasp market opportunities and technical opportunities, make innovative decisions suitable for the company, continuously improve the level of innovation, as the main body of technological innovation, take the innovation of the development of the enterprise's own way, can make the enterprise always keep vigorous vitality, and constantly make new development.

In addition, the realization of the pipe industry environmental production needs to change the Enterprise initiative, but also need the government to increase management efforts. For example, some rules should be formulated, through rigid regulations to standardize the operation of enterprises, through policy guidance and public service publicity to allow enterprises to change the past the simple use of practical performance as the goal of the value concept.

China's pipe fittings enterprises want to achieve long-term development must always adhere to technological innovation and brand strategy, the introduction of international advanced production lines, so that products meet the requirements of international and health standards, while adhering to sustainable green development path.

In the use of stainless steel pipe fittings In the process, we are not all ignore the stainless steel tube life? In fact, stainless steel pipe fittings can only be used and maintained correctly, or may prolong the service life.

There are five factors affecting the service life of stainless steel pipe fittings: 1. Working pressure in the tube; 2. Ambient temperature and the nature and temperature of the fluid medium in the tube; 3. Pipe diameter and wall thickness; 4. Pipe connection and pipe fittings; 5. Piping system Laying method. If not strictly according to the product standard, may not have the problem in the short term, but after a period of use may cause the damage to cause the significant loss. Therefore, according to the transmission medium, medium temperature, pressure, connection method, stainless steel pipe line expansion coefficient, impermeability, wall thickness, price and other factors such as stainless steel pipe fittings, pipe fittings selection.