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Maintenance And Maintenance Knowledge Of Stainless Steel Stamping Elbow

Apr 18, 2018

The stainless steel stamping elbow (hereinafter referred to as the stainless steel elbow) is made from malleable iron, which is used in the connection of water supply pipe, steam pipe, gas pipe and oil pipeline. The color is black, right angle camber, excellent quality, wear resistance, not easy to damage.

How to maintain and maintain

In use, it should be kept dry, the titanium calcium type should be dried at 150 C for 1 hours, the low hydrogen type should be dried at 200-250 C for 1 hours (not repeated drying, otherwise the skin is easily cracked and peeled), preventing the skin from sticking oil and other dirt, so as to avoid the increase of carbon content and the quality of the welding parts.

Although the stainless steel elbow has a certain corrosion resistance (oxidizing acid, organic acid, cavitation), heat resistance and wear resistance, it is usually used in power plant, chemical, petroleum and other equipment. But the weldability is poor. Attention should be paid to welding technology, heat treatment conditions and suitable welding electrodes.

During welding, carbide is precipitated by repeated heating, which will reduce corrosion resistance and mechanical properties of stainless steel elbow.

The drug skin has a titanium calcium type and a low hydrogen type. Ti CA type can be used for AC and DC, but AC welding is shallow and red at the same time, so the stainless steel elbow can use DC power as far as possible.

After welding, the hardened property is larger and the crack is easily produced. If the same type of chrome bending electrode is used for welding, it must be preheated for more than 300 degrees and slow cooling for 700 degrees after welding. If the weldment cannot be heat treated after welding, chrome nickel stainless steel elbow should be used.

Chromium 17 stainless steel elbow, in order to improve corrosion resistance and weldability, appropriately increase the amount of stability elements Ti, Nb, Mo and so on, the weldability is better than the chromium 13 stainless steel elbow. When using the same type of chromium stainless steel elbow, it should be preheated at temperatures above 200 degrees and tempered at 800 degrees after welding. If the weldment cannot be heat-treated, chrome nickel stainless steel elbow should be used.