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Introduction Of Three - Way Hydraulic Bulging Process Of Stainless Steel

Feb 07, 2018

The three - pass hydraulic bulging process of stainless steel is as follows:

The hydroforming of stainless steel three way is a forming process that expands the branch pipe by axial compensation of metal material. The hydraulic bulging process can be formed at one time, the production efficiency is higher, and the thickness of the three main pipe and shoulder wall has increased. The process is to use special hydraulic machine, tube with three equal diameter are injected into the liquid through the two level side hydraulic cylinder synchronous motion of extrusion billet, billet extrusion volume change, the liquid in the tube with the tube size and the pressure, when achieved the three branch expansion required pressure, the metal material in the cylinder and tube blank inner liquid pressure under the dual role of the mold cavity flow and expansion pipe.

Because of the larger tonnage of the equipment needed by the hydraulic bulging process, it is mainly used in the manufacturing of three - pass standard wall - thickness stainless steel, which is less than DN400. The suitable forming materials are low carbon steel, low alloy steel and stainless steel with relatively low cold hardening tendency, including some non-ferrous metals, such as copper, aluminum and titanium.