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How To Identify PP-R Tubes And Fittings

Jun 26, 2017

Atactic polypropylene (PP-R) pipes and fittings, application delivery, cold and hot water in the building of drinking water conveying and heating system has become the "hot spot"; production of raw materials and PP-R pipe extrusion equipment must have strict requirements. There are three kinds of PP raw materials for producing hot and cold water pipes:

1, homopolymer PP, adding a certain amount of toughening agent by mixing granulation, this material called PP-H.

2, using PP and PE block copolymerization, this raw material called PP-B.

3, the use of advanced gas-phase copolymerization process, PE in the PP molecular chain in random and even polymerization, the raw material called PP-R.

The screw barrel for an extruder for producing PP-R plastic pipes shall be accurately calculated by an advanced computer model to determine the pressure distribution and melting rate of each section so as to have good low-temperature plasticizing capacity. Ordinary single screw extruders are not available for the production of PP-R tubes.

PP-R tube 70-80% is not the real PP-R tube on the market at present. In order to help users from the shape and feel of the initial identification of authenticity, PP-R pipe and pipe fittings.

You can refer to the following identification methods:

(1) product name: PP-R product name should be "hot and cold water pipe or PP-R pipe for hot and cold water where the word" ultrafine particle modified polypropylene pipe with polypropylene (PP-R) or PP-R PP-R cold water pipe, hot water pi(2) product testing unit is non professional units, test project and PP-R tube standard listed content does not match the recommended products department or product promotion department of PP-R products do not understand the standard or PP-R standard department issued by the certificate is false PP-R.

(3) the density of pseudo PP-R is slightly larger than that of PP-R.

(4) PP-R tubes are white, matt or other colors of Matt, pseudo PP-R tube bright bright or colorful.

(5) the PP-R tubes are completely opaque, and the pseudo PP-R tubes are light or semi transparent.

(6) the PP-R tube feels soft and the fake PP-R tube feels smooth.

(7) PP-R tube landing sound more boring, pseudo PP-R tube landing sound is crisp.

The real PP-R pipe shall comply with the standards of ISO/DIS plastic piping systems for --PP second "15874.2-1999" part of the pipe fittings for hot and cold water should meet the standard of ISO/DIS 15874.2-1999, --PP plastic piping systems for hot and cold water pipe, the third part performance; pseudo PP-R pipes and pipe fittings is not through the standard. It should be pointed out that the service life of the pseudo PP-R tube is only 1-5 years, while the real PP-R pipe has a service life of more than 50 years.

In order to prevent entering the engineering standard PP raw materials and production equipment in the production of PP-R pipe, must intensify management of standardized building materials market, conduct effective supervision and control of the professional production of PP-R pipe plant and enterprise.pe, PP-E pipe, the informal name for pseudo PP-R tube