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How To Do The Rust Of Carbon Steel Flange

Dec 01, 2017

Carbon steel flange is now a kind of material with high strength in the construction of metal materials, and its strength is the highest in all kinds of flanges, which is of great value and effect in the process of pipeline installation. The corrosion resistance of carbon steel flange is very good, so in the process of application, the structure of the structure and the integrity of the engineering design can always be adhered to.

Carbon steel flanges will not attack corrosion or rust appearance. They will not wear the same. No matter what category they are applied, they can ensure the function of application and show the greatest effect. If the raw materials of carbon steel flanges are stainless steel, they will have more advantages, such as high tensile strength and mechanical strength, which is better than the processing and production of spare parts. It can satisfy all kinds of high requirements of architects and structural designers. Although the flange of carbon steel is not easy to rust through special technical treatment, it will rust if it doesn't operate properly. So how do we deal with the problem of rust of carbon steel flange?

Usually, in the end will produce carbon steel flange in the appearance of brushing a layer of oil, so compared with the deposit to deposit on carbon steel flanges, carbon steel flanges, is the normal use, but sometimes due to improper operation or improper storage, will form a carbon steel flange rust, can take the following measures: if the carbon steel flange into two subject, through the fine processing of lathe can put carbon steel flange appearance lathe re packaged, carbon steel flanges and so manufactured by contrast well, looks like a new diameter or not is the same, through two times of processing, so that can directly into the two target words, is the best remedy. If it can not be changed, then we need to compare the rust removal methods. Generally speaking, in order to ensure that the appearance of the carbon steel flange is not damaged, and stick to it, we will use grinder to rust the rust part of the flange.