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How To Develop Stainless Steel Pipe Market

Aug 21, 2017

How to make the enterprise break the ice in the light of the market price and combine the advantages of the current market to see how to develop the stainless steel pipe market at the present stage.

The economic recovery process twists and turns, and Europe's debt crisis is worsening, the overall slowdown in the world economy, for the domestic market, the decline in economic growth, inflationary pressures increase, economy is facing the risk of a hard landing, the intensification of the contradiction between supply and demand of the stainless steel market, severe overcapacity, demand weakening, stainless steel pipe market in the winter market.

First, develop superior varieties. Suntory Steel Group is a high-tech enterprise of industrial production of stainless steel pipe, nuclear power tube, large diameter pipeline organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries and other products. The group produced nuclear power pipes to fill the gap in the country. At present the country to vigorously develop nuclear power industry, Suntory to seize the opportunity to lay their position in the field of nuclear power equipment in Chinese, through cooperation with China Institute of Atomic Energy and China Institute of Atomic Energy, and

comprehensively promote the fast reactor tube project development cooperation, based on the current and long-term, to ensure their own advantages, and later with SDIC innovation investment management (Beijing) Co., Ltd. talks to Suntory group ushered in the golden period of development.

Secondly, optimize the industrial structure. According to the grim situation facing the production and operation of enterprises since the beginning of the year, Benxi stainless steel seamless steel tube plant, increase efforts in the adjustment of product structure, fully implement the Benxi stainless steel seamless steel tube plant to specifications to strategic benefits, to the quality of products to benefit. In 1700 months to maintain the stable operation of the limit set in the first half of the year, 2250 units per month monthly increments over a million tons, improve product quality, win the market, continued to improve steel varieties and specifications, product specifications limit the proportion of thin situation, give full play to the existing two leveling machine group, in order to promote the products of different specifications and to provide a strong boost.

 Thirdly, win-win cooperation. TISCO is the largest stainless steel enterprise in our country, and as a leading enterprise, TISCO has not satisfied itself, but constantly strengthen enterprise cooperation and improve itself. The first half of the year, with the German Baden steel engineering Taiyuan Co Ltd, the exchange in Taiyuan management experience and production process, through international exchanges, explore their own in management, technology, efficiency, potential and shortcomings, absorb the advanced management concept, improve the management and production processes, improve their own competitiveness; also with oil and Natural Gas Pipeline Bureau cooperation, through the cooperation of Shaanxi Nonferrous Metals Holding Group to create the stainless steel industry base, expand its market channels, improve product share, the first half of Taigang Stainless steel output 1 million 556 thousand and 200 tons, 1 million 455 thousand and 500 tons year-on-year growth of 6.92%, achieved good results.