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How To Connect The Elbow To The Pipe

Dec 29, 2017

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Together with the joint hair company to understand how the elbow is connected to the pipe:

D is the most commonly used elbow diameter and long radius. Generally, the default carbon chromium wear resistant elbow is also a long radius. High pressure or high flow rate will take a long radius. If the solid pipe is strictly required, a larger radius elbow should be used.

The short radius is usually used in a low pressure fluid, or the elbow is limited when it is installed.

The elbow is the part that connects the pipe, and it is also the tube that changes the direction of the pipeline. The angle is 45 degrees, 90 degrees and so on.

The ways of connecting the elbow to the pipe include the direct welding (the most commonly used) flange connection, the hot-melt connection, the electrofusion connection, the threaded connection and the socket connection.