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How Can Plastic Pipes And Fittings Be Bonded

Jul 02, 2017

1.pipe, pipe before bonding, the use of dry cloth will be worn side and socket outside wipe treatment, when the surface of sticky oil, must be wiped with acetone.

2. pipe section should be flat, vertical axis and chamfering processing before bonding should be drawn into; marking and test plug, test plug can only be inserted depth to the original depth of 1/3 ~ 1/2, the use of prohibited clearance is greater than when bonding method.

3. apply the adhesive, should be coated inside the mouth of the mouth, after smearing the outer side of the socket, smearing the mouth should be in the direction of axial direction from inside to outside evenly coated appropriate amount, and may not leak or smear excessive (200g/m2).

4. after the adhesive coating, it should be in 1 minutes to maintain the external force unchanged, to maintain the interface of straightness and correct location.

5., after the adhesive is finished, in time the excess adhesive will be removed and no stress or forced loading in the curing time.

6. bonding joints shall not be constructed in rain or water and shall not be operated below 5 centigrade.

7. connection program: ready to clean the work surface: try to insert, brush adhesive, bonding, maintenance