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High Pressure Special Flange Nominal Pressure Characteristics

Dec 16, 2016

Nominal pressure PNO.6MPa pressure profile of the so-called falanfalan, refers to a specific size of flanges, flanges are made of 16MnR, at 200 ℃, the maximum allowable operating pressure is 0.6MPa. PN0.6MPa flanges in the more than 200 ℃ condition, then the maximum operating pressure will be lower than the nominal pressure 0.6MPa. Conversely, if it is for less than 200 ℃ condition, still 200 ℃ determines the maximum working pressure.

If the flange material to Q235-A, Q235 steel mechanical properties than a poor 16MnR, PN0.6MPa flange nominal pressure, even at 200 operations, its maximum allowable operating pressure will be less than the nominal pressure. Conversely, if by 16MnR flange material to 15MnVR, then, due to the mechanical properties of 15MnVR 16MnR PN0.6MPa nominal pressure flange, when the 200 c, its maximum allowable operating pressure nominal pressure above it.

Large high-voltage special flange the maximum allowable operating pressure is, then a LAN operating temperature and must be made of what materials. Pressure vessel flange flange materials are specified in the standard low carbon steel (Q235-A, 20G, etc) and General steel (16Mn,16MnR and 15MnVR), at different temperatures, their nominal conversion relationship between the pressure and the maximum allowable working pressure. Design criteria can be given in the operation temperature and pressure needed to convert check method of flange standard nominal pressure.