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Four Characteristics Of Stamping Of Stainless Steel Elbow

Feb 05, 2018

The forming process of stamping stainless steel elbow (hereinafter referred to as stamping elbow) is complex. It needs to be welded according to different materials and purposes, and gradually form under certain pressure. The forming of stamping elbow should be carried out according to a certain process and strictly follow the corresponding process. Otherwise, the quality problem will be produced if the stamping elbow is produced. According to the needs of a circular ring shell can be cut into 4 or 90 degree elbow elbow 6 60 degree elbow or other specifications, the process is suitable for manufacturing elbow in diameter and the bend diameter ratio is larger than 1.5D of any large size push bend, is the ideal method for manufacturing large push bend.

1 stamping of high production efficiency, convenient operation, easy to realize mechanization and automation, this is because the stamping dies and stamping equipment rely on to complete the processing, ordinary press trips per minute butt welding of stamping elbow up to dozens of times, high pressure per minute up to hundreds or even thousands of times, and each time the punching stroke may get a stamping.

2, stamping is generally not generated by chip and scrap, and material consumption is less, and no other heating equipment is needed. Therefore, it is a kind of material saving. The energy saving processing method and the cost of stamping parts are low.

3, stamping can produce parts with large size and complex shape, such as stopwatches from small to watch, large to automobile longitudinal beam, covering parts, etc., plus the cold deformation hardening effect of materials when stamping, the strength and rigidity of punching are all higher.

4 when stamping, the mold ensures the size and shape accuracy of stamping parts, and generally does not destroy the surface quality of stamping parts, but the life of dies is generally longer. So stamping quality is stable, interchangeability is good, and has the same characteristics.