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Flange Reduce The Fatigue Loss Of The Parts By Reducing The Irregular Force Of Bolts

Nov 01, 2017

Driving outside, the long distance tires of the drive will inevitably malfunction, I believe that every driver has encountered the problem of mending tires. Experienced drivers can see from the repair of the master's approach to tire repair.

Methods and procedures for the demolition of truck tyres

The tyres we use now are nothing more than the two forms of inner tyre and no inner tyre, and different disassembly steps and methods are different. Specific tire dismantling methods and steps are as follows:

1. Firstly, the tire is thoroughly cleaned,Flange including the tire surface, the wheel and the rim contact surface and the bolt nut on the wheel, the rust stain, the dregs and the mud are cleaned. Clean-up main Purpose: First, to reduce the repair of the master in the process of removal of pollutants on its impact; the second is to reduce the dirt into the tire inside, reduce unnecessary two damage.

2. Before the dismantling of the bolts and nuts to lubricate the gully place, easy disassembly, reduce wear. Using matching torque wrench, set aside 2-3 nut spacing,Flange in order of diagonal disassembly, diagonal disassembly can effectively reduce the bolt irregular stress, reduce the fatigue loss of parts. If you choose a mobile wrench, you need to adjust the air pressure, and the specific pressure depends on the size of the nut.

3. The lock ring of the wheel is positioned upward, releasing the air in the tyre, and then releasing the gas nozzle after the tire is discharged. Make matching marks on tyres and wheel lost. Note: The gas in the tire must be put clean, in order to avoid subsequent operation accident.

4. The Straight guide vane plate is inserted between the wheel rim ring and the tyre, and the tyre bead is pressed down, and the guide vane plate is inserted at the formed gap to make the end of the guide vane plate in the rim ring, and the shaft head is propped on the straight guide leaf plate.

5. One side of the tire bead pressure, the side of the wheel along the circumference of the straight guide leaf plate and the curved guide leaf plate,Flange the lock ring cone edge strip from the tire removed.

6. Insert the end of the straight guide vane plate into the slot of the lock ring, and press the lock ring from the groove; lifting the lock ring upwards,Flange the curved guide leaf plate is supported in the Rim ring, and the end of the straight guide vane plate is inserted into the lower part of the lock ring, and the lock ring is grasped by the hand, and the lock ring is removed from the groove of the Lost by the straight guide vane plate.

7. Remove Rim ring, flip the wheel, with the help of straight, curved guide leaf plate will tire side from the wheel, and then put the wheel up to put, first wheel from the tires all out,Flange can be used to hammer along the wheel lock part of the way decisively lost from the tires. An inner tube tire will be taken out of the inner tube.

Although many of the tire repair shop now have professional disassembly tools and even professional machinery and equipment, such as: Truck Tires Special Tire machine. But the principle of disassembly is the same, in the course of operation must be careful, pay attention to safety.

Assembling method and steps of 2 truck tire

When you see the disassembly process, will you say that assembly is not the reversible process of disassembly? True, this is the case, but there are a lot of details to pay attention to, especially with the tire parts are more, especially attention. such as the identification of the rim,flange and lock ring matching, this is why in the demolition to do the marking, if the error in high-speed driving process will appear dynamic balance failure, speed up the consequences of tire wear. The specific assembly steps are as follows:

1. Sprinkle some talcum powder on the inner tube, put the inner tube and rim lining into the tire, inflate the inner tube and twist the valve.

2. The tyre cushion is placed on the wheel lost, the valve nozzle is placed in the Groove mouth, should be careful not to make the valve mouth askew, the tire from the side of the valve to start lifting and embedded in the rim.

3. Install the upper rim ring in turn, place it in the slot of the opposite wheel in the opening part of the lock ring, press the end of the ring first, then press into the other end.

4. Confirm that the edge of the lock ring is under the tyre bead. First, the tire pressure charged to 49KPa, confirmed that the bead has been around the lock ring, and then the tire pressure charged to the nominal value.