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Five Processing Steps For Manufacture Of Stainless Steel Elbow

Mar 23, 2018

The five processing steps of the stainless steel elbow are as follows:

1, wait for stainless steel elbow to soften slowly after flameout: the function of this operation is to effectively decompose carbides, make the hardness drop, but can enhance the processing function, so as to get more fertility iron elements.

2, routinalization: the purpose is to improve the product properties of a more balanced distribution of the cast iron structure.

3, quenching Transformation: this step can use the hardness of the elbow to further improve the wear strength, from the inside to the outside of the wear resistance collectively.

4, the surface hardening layer Transformation: as the name suggests to enhance the effect of its surface hardening.

5. Make the stainless steel elbow out of the hardening Transformation: to maximize its surface strength, but not to change the outer shape by the ductility.