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Five Advantages Of Three - Way Stainless Steel

Jan 31, 2018

Stainless steel three way has the advantages of light weight, long service life, corrosion resistance, frost resistance and good heat resistance. In the process of operation, the corresponding construction methods and means are used to control, ensuring important operation contributions in the specific operation process.

Advantages of three - way stainless steel

1 light weight, good softness, simple construction: the three pass weight of stainless steel is 1/20 of galvanized steel pipe, easy to carry, the minimum bending radius is 6D (D: pipe diameter)

2 long life, non-toxic and harmless: because of its polymer with high molecular weight, the molecular structure is stable, the service life is up to 50-100 years, and it is nontoxic and harmless.

3 anti UV, corrosion resistance: stainless steel three anti ultraviolet and microbial damage, no effect on water quality

4, the connection way is advanced: the connection way is the integral hot melt connection. Therefore, when burying, it can avoid the movement of the pipe and the leakage at the connection because of the temperature change and the water hammer phenomenon.

5 frost resistance: at -20 deg.c, with impact resistance at low temperature, three stainless steel will not crack, after thawing, pipes can recover, resistant to high temperature of 100 DEG C