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Existing Problems And New Insights In Stainless Steel Hose Industry

Jul 25, 2017

China is a big country of stainless steel metal hose manufacturing, and the amazing output and export volume of domestic stainless steel and metal hose industry have expanded and expanded each year. Stainless steel metal hose with the same view that China's stainless steel hose industry prospects for development, although the market is promising, but the existing obstacles forward and difficult problems can not be ignored.

The following problems exist in the domestic stainless steel hose industry:

1., the rising cost price. As the most important raw material for the production of stainless steel metal hose, steel has entered the era of low price and transparency, and the rising price of steel will promote the production cost of stainless steel hose;

2. China stainless steel hose industry brand is poor, the competitiveness of the international market is weak. Because of the low degree of industrial concentration, the backward technology and low price competition can not be avoided. Such a huge Chinese stainless steel hose market has no real brand in the world";

3., the competition is fierce, and constantly eliminate the small and medium-sized stainless steel metal hose enterprise.

4., R & D strength is weak and insufficient capital input. China's technological progress is still in 1980s in foreign countries, although a large number of advanced technology and production lines are being introduced, the lack of software and hardware support for the digestion and absorption of technology.

5., the brain drain of practical application technology. At present, although there are many institutions of higher learning engaged in scientific research work, many studies and patent papers have a high level, but the production practice is not close, and the ability to convert the theory into finished products is poor.

Environmental protection is the theme of today's world, is the core problem of the development of all industries, although domestic production concerns for environmental protection and enforcement than developed countries, but to prevent the blind expansion of the prevailing wind, avoid duplication and reduce the production of large energy consumption and low efficiency in the current global priority is. If the development of the domestic stainless steel metal hose industry is still in rapid too much of the cost of resource consumption, it will be replaced as soon as possible energy saving and environmental protection machinery industry in developed countries, the domestic stainless steel metal hose manufacturers will face more serious problems of survival.