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Energy Saving And Environmental Protection Material To Build High Quality Pipe And Pipe Fittings

Jul 11, 2017

Energy saving and environmental protection materials to create high-quality pipe and pipe fittings: the quality of environmental protection and energy saving new material is in line with the requirements of the WHO and the Ministry of health of China for drinking clean water pipe standards. Also has the green environmental protection, energy saving, low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance, impact resistance, good rigidity, low linear expansion coefficient, reliable connection, convenient installation and maintenance, thin wall and inner wall is smooth, good hygienic performance and oxygen, good performance, long service life, Recyclable use etc..

AGR pipe is very smooth, the water resistance is small, the inner wall will not deposit, and AGR pipeline oxygen permeability is very low, only PP-R, PE and other green plastic pipe 1/13 ~ 15, so as to avoid the breeding of microorganisms and bacteria in long-term use; again, heavy metal ion stabilizer does not contain AGR pipe fittings, ensure the pipeline system and the service life of drinking water. Therefore, AGR pipes are clean and sanitary, and can be widely used in fine chemical and electronic industries, clean water transportation systems, water supply pipes for straight drinking water, liquid transportation systems for beverages and beer industry. Of all the plastic pipes made in China, the AGR pipe is the only plastic pipeline that meets the WHO (WHO) sanitary standards.

1., low temperature resistance, high impact resistance

AGR pipeline system can be used at subzero temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, and there is no need to worry that the pipeline will be damaged during the transportation and construction process.

AGR piping system has excellent shock resistance. At -10 deg.c, 20 x 2.3 tube can withstand 6Kg weight, the height of the 0.8m free fall impact without cracks; more than 40 of the nominal pipe diameter can withstand 9Kg weight, the height of the 2.0m free fall impact without cracks, and other plastic pipe fittings under the same conditions the control experiment. The hammer will be shattered, unable to withstand the high strength impact test.

2. good rigidity and high pressure resistance

The tensile strength of AGR pipeline system is 50.3 ~ 53.2Mpa, the elastic modulus is 2156Mpa, and the coefficient of linear expansion is only 6 * 10-5m/m DEG C. These rigorous and scientific test results show that they have good rigidity. Compared with pipes such as PP-R and PE, the AGR pipe is not easy to deform for heat. It is suitable for both the exposed and the concealed cases. The supporting materials needed in the construction process are few, beautiful and low in construction cost.

High rigidity also ensures that the AGR pipe can withstand greater pressure, under isobaric conditions, AGR wall thickness than the wall thickness PP-R, PE pipe, AGR pipe with smaller diameter can reach the same water flow, which can save cost and improve the installation efficiency.

3., pipe and pipe bonding strength is high, the piping system is safe and reliable

AGR pipe system uses ponding dedicated No.80 adhesive. This adhesive and AGR resin compatibility is very good, curing speed, thereby achieving good adhesive strength and fast construction double effect.

The connection pipes and fittings for blasting pressure test, which burst all parts in the pipe, and the pipe connecting parts will not leak or failure; tensile test of the joint sampling pipe and pipe fittings, fracture parts are all in the pipe, and the pipe and pipe fittings the bonded joints in good condition; 17.5Kg under hydrostatic pressure conditions, the connection of pipes and fittings of - 4 degrees "hydrostatic pressure repeated bending test, bending more than 2000 joints do not leak or loose.