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Elbow Pipe Fittings Usage And Knowledge

Sep 06, 2017

Elbows are the two or other fittings of a pipe, including three, four, elbows, elbows, flanges, etc.. Industrial metal pipe product has the characteristics of strong specificity, high added value, widely used, involving various fields of the national economy, the main products supply of petroleum chemical industry, natural gas, electric power, shipbuilding, pharmaceutical and other industries, especially the emerging field of marine engineering and nuclear power giant.

The rapid development of the downstream industries of industrial elbow and pipe fittings will drive the vigorous demand for large caliber, composite materials, high performance and high reliability fittings. At present, the total demand for industrial metal pipe in the power industry drops, mainly for the general performance, technical content of low power installed pipe fittings demand decline. But wind power flanges, nuclear grade pipe fittings and large caliber, non-standard, high-performance thermal power units, pipe fittings and other key components are still in short supply, and some need to rely on imports. With the basic construction of Chinese town accelerate the construction of oil and gas field development, the world ship transfer orders, ocean resource exploration, nuclear power plant construction project, will make the already tight market there is a greater gap between supply and demand.

Analysts believe that the next few years in the low industrial metal pipe annual consumption of 1 million 500 thousand tons, high pressure industrial metal pipe annual consumption of 2 million 300 thousand tons, exports plus Chinese industrial metal pipe industry annual total demand of about 4 million 500 thousand tons. The number of industrial high and medium pressure pipes sold in the world is at least 23 million 400 thousand tons per year, and the market capacity is over 90 billion US dollars.

Stainless steel pipe fittings required for the operation of a certain slope, the water in the bottom of the stainless steel pipe to install water plugging or drain valve, stainless steel pipe fittings should slope to slope drainage device, in order to facilitate the smooth flow of stainless steel pipe fittings and maintenance when emptying. Stainless steel pipe installation should be in accordance with the following requirements: water supply, stainless steel pipe fittings should be installed with the direction of stainless steel pipe flow direction is consistent, the slope should be consistent, the slope should be straight. The water supply horizontal pipe should have a slope of 0.002 to 0.005, and it should be guaranteed to have a 0.003 standard slope and a water diversion device.