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Double Flanged Expansion Joint Structure Features

Dec 16, 2016

What are the characteristics of double flange joint:

Double flanged expansion joint is composed of flange telescopic joint and short pipe flanges, power transmission components such as screws. It can deliver the connection of pressure thrust (blind) and the compensation piping installation error, cannot absorb axial displacement, mainly used for loose connection of pumps, valves and other accessories.

Material: Q235, QT400-15, and QT450-10.

Installation method: apply to both sides in a pipe with flange connection, install regulated products with flanges at both ends of the installation length of diagonal financing evenly tighten the gland bolt, making it as a whole, and a certain amount of displacement, easy to install and maintain, adjust according to size. Can be passed against axial thrust on the job to an entire piping. Advantages: easy installation and simple, easy valve installation features: one side flanges, welding methods.