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Common Classification Of Three Pipe Fittings

Dec 11, 2017

The three pipe fittings are one kind of pipe connector, which is used in the branch pipe of the main pipe, with the equal diameter and the different diameter.

According to the diameter of the pipe

1, three through the same diameter: three through the same diameter as the pipe.

2, different diameter three: the pipe diameter is less than the three pipe diameter of the pipe.

Classification according to the form of docking

1, butt welding three: it is the three pipe fittings which are welded with the connecting pipe fittings.

2, socket type three: is to insert the pipe fittings into the three end of the end of the welding or weld the three pipe fittings.

3, card set type three: is the end of the card sleeve joint, insert the pipe and then fasten the three pipe fittings.

4, threaded three: the three pipe fittings are connected by thread.

According to material classification

Can be divided into three stainless steel, carbon steel three, copper three, PVC three, and so on.

Classification according to the form of branch pipe

1, the three way: the three pipe fittings of the vertical pipe of the branch.

2, oblique three: is the three pipe fittings with a certain angle between the branch and the head.