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Classification Of Commonly Used Pipe Fittings

Sep 21, 2017

There are many kinds of pipe fittings, which are classified according to the purposes, connections, materials and processing methods.

Divided by usage

1, for pipe connected fittings: flange, loose joints, hoop, hoop, card sets

2, change the direction of pipe fittings: elbow, bend

3, change the pipe diameter pipe fittings: reducing diameter (different diameter pipe), different diameter elbow, branch pipe, reinforcement pipe

4, increase the pipe branch of the pipe: three pass, four pass

5, for pipe line seal: gasket, raw material belt, hemp, pipe plug, blind flange, blind plate, welding head, plug

6, the pipeline fittings for fixed clasp, hook, rings, bracket, bracket, pipe etc.

By link

1 、 welding pipe fittings

2, threaded fittings

3, card sleeve pipe fittings

4, clamp pipe fittings

5 socket pipe fittings

6 、 bonding pipe fittings

7 、 hot melt pipe fittings

8 、 rubber ring connecting type pipe fittings

According to material classification

1 、 cast steel pipe fittings

2, cast iron pipe fittings

3, stainless steel pipe fittings

4, plastic pipe fittings

5, PVC pipe fittings

6 rubber pipe fittings

7. Graphite pipe fittings

8 、 forged steel pipe fittings

9, PPR pipe fittings,

10 alloy pipe fittings

11, PE pipe fittings

12, ABS pipe fittings