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Characteristics And Distinguishing Methods Of Equal Diameter Three - Way And Three - Way With Different Diameter

Dec 15, 2017

Take you to understand a MediaTek three different diameter of equal diameter and three characteristics and distinguishing method:

A three, different diameter pipe representation method

For the three different diameter pipe, such as "T4 * 4 * 3.5" with the diameter of four inch diameter 3.5 inch diameter pipe three.

Two, diameter three pass and reducing three way named

Three is the three end can be connected with a pipe named, generally divided into three equal diameter and diameter three. Three the three diameter at both ends of the same diameter, diameter three is the branch and the other two different diameters.

Said method three, equal diameter three.

For size three, such as "T6" three general said outer 

diameter is 6 inches in diameter three.