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Cast Flanges And Forged Flanges

Sep 12, 2017

Flange cast out, blank shape and precise size, small processing quantity and low cost, but the casting defects (pores. Cracks. Inclusion of casting structure); streamlined poor (if it is cut, streamlined worse);

Forged flanges are generally more carbon free than cast flanges. They are less susceptible to rust. They are streamlined and relatively compact in structure and superior in mechanical properties to cast flanges;

Improper forging process will also lead to large or uneven grain, hardening crack phenomenon, forging costs higher than the casting flange.

Forgings can bear higher shear and tensile forces than castings.

The advantage of casting is that it can make more complex shapes, and the cost is lower;

The advantages of the forging are that the internal structure is uniform, and there is no blowhole, inclusion and other harmful defects in the casting;

The difference between casting flanges and forged flanges, such as centrifugal flanges, is one of the casting flanges.

The centrifugal flange belongs to the precision casting method for producing flanges. The casting is much thinner than the common sand casting structure, and the quality is improved greatly, and the problems of loose tissue, air holes, trachoma, etc. are not easy to be solved.