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Carbon Steel Flange Modernized, Digitized

Jun 20, 2017

One side is the continued weakness of the external market, while the overall cost of rising under the influence of the weakening of the comparative advantage, the industry believes that the entire domestic carbon steel flange equipment manufacturing industry is facing the industrial structure adjustment "pain period." In this regard, the industry called on the one hand the government to strengthen the transformation and upgrading of industrial restructuring and support, on the other hand, the enterprise itself should also strive to adjust the direction of industrial development, accelerate the pace of transformation and upgrading to meet the needs of market development.

At the same time we also see: in the industrialization, urbanization, reform and globalization, driven by the four powers, China's carbon steel flange equipment manufacturing industry prospects or broad, the future flange industry high-end, localization, modernization, Will be the future direction of the development of carbon steel flange industry.

Carbon steel flange industry analysis learned that the current situation of carbon steel flange industry is not optimistic, a lot of carbon steel flange enterprises affected by the weak domestic and international markets, the industry appeared a sharp drop in the export orders, the production task was insufficient, for many years To maintain high growth are down, some companies due to slump in production and sales, cash flow there have been some problems, industry and business development have encountered varying degrees of difficulty. It is expected that such a weak and difficult situation will be maintained until the second half of this year, and the impact of the first half of next year, this new round of difficult situation spread to the carbon steel industry, but also the financial crisis since the carbon steel industry, the most difficult period.

Faced with such an unfavorable situation, our carbon steel flange industry to actively respond to eliminate the current domestic and international economic downturn, carbon steel flange industry to bring the negative impact on the basis of stability, positive response, through difficulties, to achieve production and marketing The good finish.

After nearly six months of substantial growth, since September, carbon steel flanges have seen a two-month decline in exports. And carbon steel enterprises due to sharp drop in orders, some companies have to take layoff measures to reduce costs and maintain business operations.

Continued weakness in foreign markets, the cost advantage of the growing, high turnover of the RMB exchange rate, so that small and medium-sized enterprises feel pressure. According to the analysis of economic experts, the current Chinese economy has emerged from the international financial crisis since the most difficult situation, the first quarter GDP growth of 8.1% in the second quarter fell to 7.5%. The reason for the decline:

First, the global financial crisis, foreign trade by the impact of the international market shrinking unfavorable situation, long-term development of China's economic development has encountered significant difficulties;

Second, China 's fastest growing eastern coastal areas and other regions are carrying out a profound structural adjustment, is seeking new growth points and new industries, these growth points and the emergence of the industry, cultivation, development and maturity is time - Third, real estate regulation and control, many of the relevant industries have also produced significant pressure. A few years ago the high level of real estate and coal have a different degree of decline, oil, petrochemical industry access threshold is higher and higher, coupled with domestic inflation expectations, the cost increases, gave the enterprise brought pressure and impact The The same in China's carbon steel industry has also encountered some problems, production and sales growth down, regardless of domestic orders, or foreign orders are in varying degrees of decline, a lot of domestic real estate downturn, domestic carbon steel flange has also been a decline in sales , Production tasks dropped the unfavorable situation. And because of the international market downturn, but also to do foreign trade business export enterprises are also greatly affected, lack of orders, a lot of export business orders are down.