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Carbon Steel Flange Good Use Of Features And Values

Aug 09, 2017

Now, the carbon steel flange has been more and more applications, we have used in the time have not thought about, so much use of carbon steel flanges are used in what way it?

① forging method: the use of forging machine to the end of a tube or a part of the electric butterfly valve to make the outer diameter out, commonly used forging for torsion, connecting rod, roller type.

② wheel method: in the tube placed inside the core check valve with a roller press, for the round edge processing.

③ rolling method: the same usually do not have mandrel, suitable for thick-walled tube inside the round edge.

④ bulging method: one is placed in the tube rubber, the top with the punch compression, the tube protruding shape; another way is the hydraulic bulging shape, in the middle of the tube filled with liquid, The shape.

Carbon steel flanges in the actual production and development in different ways and processes for production and production, in accordance with the way and principles of the different aspects of the important value and role in the actual production to add a certain element to increase Carbon steel flange characteristics and value, the performance of good use of the characteristics and value.

Carbon steel mainly refers to the mechanical properties depends on the carbon content in the steel, and generally do not add a lot of alloying elements of steel, sometimes referred to as carbon steel or carbon steel. Carbon steel is also called carbon steel, refers to the carbon content of WC less than 2% iron carbon alloy. Carbon steel in addition to carbon also generally contain a small amount of silicon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus. Carbon steel flange in the actual production and production of the process of protection, in the production of things needing attention and methods, the first welding of a polygonal cross-section of the polygonal ring shell or closed ends of the multi-wing fan-shaped shell, the internal red After the pressure medium, the internal pressure, under the action of the cross-section by the polygon gradually become a circle, and eventually become a circular ring shell. As required, a circular ring shell can be made of different carbon steel flanges, in the actual use to show important characteristics, the process is suitable for the manufacture of stamping elbow diameter and stamping elbow diameter ratio of more than 1.5 any size large Elbow, is the ideal method for making large carbon steel pipe fittings.

Carbon steel flange It is a kind of carbon steel made of the flange. For the manufacture of this product, there are many carbon steel materials, so that the manufacture of carbon steel flange material purchase range is still very wide.

In the process of its production mainly to use the technical process has four aspects, one is for its forging, one is to be cast, there is a plate in the rolling, the other is to carry it Plate cutting. In the production process, the manufacturing costs of the various processes are different, which belongs to the forging of the process cost the highest, followed by medium plate manufacturing, casting the lowest cost of the product. There are words that good, cheap no good goods, good goods is not cheap, this sentence is also used here is more appropriate, because these types of technology to create the quality of the product is also in contrast, the higher the cost of manufacturing Technology, the higher the quality of its products, the lower the cost of its production of the product quality is also worse.

Now every product produced by each industry will rely on a certain standard to implement the production, carbon steel flange this product is no exception, but its standard comparison, according to different uses and use of other standard implementation of the standard solution is different, Compared to other products, because the implementation of different standards, the production time is a bit of trouble.