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Application Of Welded Flange Flange

Nov 05, 2017

1. flange is generally used for common engineering technology of medium (medium, do not try to really want to use depends on the medium characteristic and in low temperature and low pressure occasions).

2. "running pressure is about 0.7Mpa, the temperature is 300 degrees", can be understood as operating conditions, planning temperature and pressure should be higher. Check the flange temperature pressure rating, planning working interval PN16 20# agreed to use pressure (1.12MPa) closer. It is not recommended to replace the additional stress of piping at about 300 degrees.

3. material pipeline planning is: neck butt welding WN DN300 CL300 20#, running pressure is about 0.7Mpa, temperature 300 degrees.

4. because the purchase problems existing PN16 DN300 flange hubbed SO. If we can use the flange welding flange has no alternative, what risk? Now the device SO flange is generally used in the water pipe.

5. the pressure is not high, the temperature is slightly higher, the raw material can be, the general material can completely replace.