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Application Of Pipe Welding Neck Flanges

Dec 16, 2016

Flat welding steel flange: applies Yu nominal pressure not over 2.5MPa of steel pipeline connection. flat welding flange of sealed surface can made smooth type, bump type and tenon slot type three species. smooth type flat welding flange of application volume maximum. more for media conditions compared ease of situation Xia, as low voltage non-purification compression air, and low voltage cycle water, it of advantages is price compared cheap. Welding neck flange apply pressure or temperature fluctuations of the pipeline or pipeline of high temperature, high pressure and low temperature, are used to transport expensive, flammable or explosive media pipeline. On the deformation of welding flange, sealed, widely used, the nominal pressure PN 16MPa.

Welding neck flanges and pipe transition refers to the neck of the pipe butt weld flanges.

Welding steel flanges: Yu Falan and the lip of the pipe welding, reasonable structure, strength and stiffness, can withstand the high temperature and pressure, and repeated bending and temperature fluctuations, reliable seal. welding neck flanges of valves for 0.25~2.5MPa using the embossing seal surface.

Flat welding and butt welding is welding of flanges and pipe connection, flat welding flange welding only when one side welding without weld pipes and flange connections, welding neck flanges welded double welded flange is required for installation.

Welding neck flanges flanges and pipe welding for butt welding, welds and pipes and pipe welding is similar to General tube size smaller by argon arc-welding bottoming, manual cover, double welded pipe diameter.