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Analysis Of PP Pipe, PE Pipe And Other Plastic Pipes Are The Raw Materials Market Problems

Jul 31, 2017

With the rapid development of China's petrochemical industry, plastic pipe (PP pipe, PE pipe), plastic material and other plastic products in the constantly expanding production scale, continuously improve the quality of. At the same time, drive the plastics raw material market's renewal, now the plastic pipe raw material supply channel is unimpeded, but also has many problems.

1., raw material variety is little, basically no special material

As far as PE raw materials are concerned, foreign customers can choose different grades of raw materials according to different requirements. For PE pipes, the pipes are used to ensure the quality of the pipes, and the special materials are adopted directly. Domestic PE resin yield is very big, but the grade is few, because the special material is little, it requires special, so the general large petrochemical enterprise is unwilling to produce, and the production of the general small enterprise can not meet the requirement.

2. raw material quality is not stable

PP polypropylene raw materials production, the production process adopted by the company is not the same, in the use of catalyst, process (ratio of aluminum and titanium, aluminum chloride, and hydrogen addition etc.) are different, some manufacturers of equipment is backward, the molecular weight of the resin is not the same, the performance is not stable

3., high processing of raw materials and large fluctuations

The domestic prices of plastic raw materials, processing of raw materials suitable for the ordinary type, special material price is high, especially some excipients and additives for higher prices, seriously affected the production and application of PP pipe, PE pipe and other plastic pipe. Some manufacturers in order to reduce the cost of shoddy, add back in the plastic pipe, plastic pipe products lead to confusion in the market!