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16mn Flange Forging What Are The Basic Processes

Dec 16, 2016

16mn flange 16mn is a carbon steel metal textures, low alloy flanges, with good performance, good low temperature performance, cold stamping, welding, cutting performance is good and so on. Widely used in widely used in water, electricity, power plants, pipe fittings, industrial, pressure vessel and so on. Feed-forging process for physical and chemical-heat treatment-material-hot forging-test-process-product inspection-labeling-final inspection-labeling-package type-shipped. Main production equipment of CNC lathe, lathe finishing, argon arc welding technology. 16mn main connection is the flange nut flange bolt connections.

16mn flange forging process, there are several common processes, here we introduce respectively, first upsetting is upsetting the original along the axis of the billet to forge, making it highly reduced, increasing the cross section operation. This process is often used for forging of gear blanks and other disc-shaped forgings. Upsetting all upsetting local Heading and is divided into two. Followed by drawing drawing is to make the stock length, cross section decreases of forging processes, usually used in the production of shaft parts, such as lathe spindle, connecting rod, etc. Followed by punching on the blank with punch out holes with or without through-hole forging process.

Then bending flange billet is bent at an angle or shape of the forging process. Reversed part of the stock relative to another part of rotation angle of the forging process. Finally cuts split the forging blank or the removal of material processes.